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How To Store Cannabis

Much like wine, cannabis is best kept in a cool, dry location, such as a low shelf or basement (just ensure it’s in a secure container and stored away and out of the reach of  children and pets — we recommend using lockable, smell proof containers like the one found here). Avoid plastic, which can have a static charge that will attract the trichomes out of your stash.

Although packaged dried cannabis does not generally include an expiry date, there are ways to keep it fresh and prolong each strain’s unique flavours, aromas and colours, as well as its maximum potency potential. Read on to learn how to properly preserve and store your cannabis after purchase.

Keep tabs on humidity, temperature, airflow and light — which can cause adverse effects if left unchecked.

When storing your cannabis, take the following into consideration:

Humidity: Ideally, cannabis should be stored at a relative humidity (RH) of 59% to 63%. Too much moisture, and mould and bacteria will grow, producing unpleasant flavours and odours. At the same time, too little humidity in your storage container, and the trichomes that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids will break down, and the essential oils will dry out.

Temperature: The temperature at which you store your cannabis affects its overall freshness— warm air holds more moisture than cold air, so it’s best to keep cannabis below 25°C/77ºF to reduce the opportunity for mould to grow.

Airflow: Oxygen is a tricky element to regulate but having an excess of it in your storage container will increase the speed of degradation, while having not enough can affect the humidity, especially if the cannabis is not quite dry to begin with.

Light: Above all, limiting exposure to light plays the largest role in preserving dried cannabis. Simply storing cannabis products out of direct sunlight will prevent them from breaking down too quickly.

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Other important factors

Avoid using tobacco humidors to store your cannabis, since they are often made of cedar and can add oils to your product. However, if you choose to use a humidor made of cedar, you can avoid direct contact between the wood and the dried flower by using additional products such as a glass storage jar. 

When storing your cannabis, there are a lot of factors to consider so do your research. But above all, rely on your senses to determine whether the quality has degraded — if the cannabis has no aroma or smells “off”, it’s best not to use it.

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